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HALYARD QUICK CHECK Sterilization Wrap, H100-H600, Various Options

HALYARD QUICK CHECK Sterilization Wrap, H100-H600, Various Options

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QUICK CHECK H100-H600 Sterilization Wrap

  • Inspect trays easier and faster than ever
  • Superior microbial barrier protection with patented Powerguard technology
  • Cleared for all of the same sterilization systems as HALYARD KIMGUARD ONE-STEP Wrap
  • Made from recyclable #5 polypropylene fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • H100 Light linen packs/gowns, towel packs, basins of 0–3 lbs.
  • H200 Linen towels, gowns, light basin sets, single instruments 3-6 lbs.
  • H300 Instrument sets, procedure trays, large linen packs 6-9 lbs.
  • H400 Most basin/instrument sets, procedure trays, drills 9-13 lbs.
  • H500 Heavy instrument sets, retractors, sets where frequent handling occurs 13-17 lbs.
  • H 600 Extra heavy instrument sets, loaner trays 17-25 lbs.

HALYARD QUICK CHECK Sterilization Wrap is the fast, easy way to ensure instrument sterility is uncompromised.

QUICK CHECK Wrap gives you the same time savings of HALYARD KIMGUARD* ONE-STEP Wrap, along with protection and performance you expect. Like all HALYARD Wrap, QUICK CHECK provides superior microbial barrier protection with our patented POWERGUARD technology. And, it’s cleared for all of the same sterilization systems as HALYARD KIMGUARD ONE-STEP Wrap. Because it’s ONE-STEP, it’s easy to make the switch to QUICK CHECK Wrap. So, you can enjoy the benefits of this innovative wrap without having to retrain your staff or change your protocols.

HALYARD QUICK CHECK Wrap - U.S. Patent Nos. 9,718,253; 9,840,065; and 10,220,596.  Additional patents pending.

The Choice of Sterile Processing Professionals for More Than 30 years

Since 1978 HALYARD Sterilization Wrap, made of strong reliable SMS non-woven fabric, has been helping keep sterilized instruments and supply sets ready for use at a moment’s notice. The company pioneered the development of SMS fabric and today is one of the largest global suppliers. It’s good to know that individual medical and dental practices can also take advantage of the same performance demanded by major medical and surgery centers. All HALYARD products are made in the USA.

The Right Wrap and So Much More

Today, Halyard Health has six grades of wrap fabric – from H100 to H600 to offer precisely the right protection for your needs. Choosing is easy, the higher the number, the stronger the wrap. HALYARD is also available in smaller sizes that meet the needs of smaller dental or medical offices.


Wrap Grade For: Tray Weight (lbs.)
H100 Light linen packs, linen gowns, towel packs, single basins and other lighter wrapping needs. 0 - 3
H200 Linen towels, packs and gowns, light basin sets and single instruments. 3 - 6
H300 Basin sets, instrument sets, procedure trays and large linen packs. 6 - 9
H400 Most basin sets, instrument sets, procedure trays, large linen packs, and drills. 9 - 13
H500 Heavy instrument sets, retractors, and applications where frequent handling occurs. 13 - 17
H600 Extra heavy instrument sets such as orthopedics and Cardiovascular. 17 - 25
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