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Dynarex Full Bed Rail Bumper

Dynarex Full Bed Rail Bumper

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Dynarex Full Bed Rail Bumpers are premium, padded rail guards designed to provide a protective buffer between patients and full-length bed rails to help reduce the risk of injury. These high-quality pads fasten effortlessly with hook and loop closures and feature a water-resistant non-allergenic vinyl cover that is easy to clean for worry-free maintenance. 


Dynarex Full Bed Rail Bumpers are high-quality, cushioned pads designed to help close gaps along the bed perimeter to help prevent injury. Dense, soft foam cushioning enhances safety and improves patient comfort. The lightweight, foldable Full Bed Rail Bumpers are designed with convenient hook-and-loop closures for easy installation and removal. The Bumpers feature a fluid-resistant vinyl cover for effortless cleaning to help promote optimal hygiene. 
  • Soft, high-density foam pads cushion bed rails to help prevent injury
  • Designed to help fill gaps between mattress and side rails
  • Easy to install with hook-and-loop closures 
  • Lightweight, foldable pads are easy to transport and store
  • Non-allergenic and water-resistant
  • Vinyl cover wipes clean for easy maintenance
  • 70” length to fit full bed rails
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