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  • Cash Discount/ Dual Pricing

    These programs eliminate essentially all of your processing fees. Depending on the size of your business we could be talking thousands of dollars a month!

  • Interchange optimization

    If you sell to other businesses our platforms automatically save you money that will add up in a big way.

  • Dental Offices

    Eaglesoft, Dentrix, or any other practice management software is probably giving you a root canal on your processing. Contact us so we can handle to payments portion of your checkout.

  • Custom Tailored Solutions

    We will work with you to find the perfect processing solution for your business. Don't get shoehorned into a solution that isn't right by traditional processors that want you to conform to them.

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Is Cash Discounting/ Dual Pricing right for my business?

Yes, Especailly if you like saving money!

Do I have to leave my Patient Management Software?

In most cases we are able to keep you with your preffered software. We just take over the payments portion of your checkout.

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