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Pac-Dent, Inc

Pac-Dent ProPaste One Prophy Paste Ring Combo

Pac-Dent ProPaste One Prophy Paste Ring Combo

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The ProPaste One is a 2 in 1, unique and economical, pre-assembled
disposable prophy ring and powerful paste combo for more efficient polishing that bolsters infection control protocols. This pre-assembled combo eliminates the need to autoclave or sanitize a prophy ring for the next patient, simply use and dispose. Each ring has an ideal amount of desensitizing and low-splatter prophy paste for each procedure. Ideal solution for all hygienists and is an asset for mobile hygienists.

• Features a 2 in 1, pre-assembled disposable prophy paste and ring combo that reduces risk of cross-contamination between patients, and improves procedure set-up efficiency 

• Ergonomic ring design provides tight prophy cup fit and comfortable finger grip

• Desensitizing, easy to rinse-off, anti-splatter paste with fluoride that provides exceptional polishing and stain-removal ability

• Innovative single-use system (patent pending) reduces need for autoclaving and sanitization between patients, creates a more hygienic and more efficient procedure

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