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Pac-Dent, Inc

Pac-Dent Oscillating AntiSplatr Mini disposable prophy angles

Pac-Dent Oscillating AntiSplatr Mini disposable prophy angles

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The all-new Oscillating AntiSplatr Mini Disposable Prophy Angle is an ultra-compact disposable prophy angle that ditches the traditional unidirectional rotation for a 70° oscillating spinning motion. This new reciprocating spin mechanism significantly reduces the splatter of prophy paste, saliva, and other body fluids while simultaneously decreasing the amount of frictional heat generated to allow for longer teeth contact. This innovative gear is enclosed in a slim body to maximize both visibility and reach.

● 70° oscillating spin reduces splatter by up to 100%
● Lowered heat generation allows for increased contact
● Ultra-compact design expands visibility and reach
● Unique cup design provides optimal flare around tooth contours
● Quieter and smoother than traditional unidirectional DPAs

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