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Pac-Dent, Inc

Pac-Dent Armor Air/Water Syringe Tip & Sleeve Combo

Pac-Dent Armor Air/Water Syringe Tip & Sleeve Combo

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Product Details

Armor Air/Water Syringe Tip and Sleeve Combo by Pac-Dent combines tip and sleeve placement into a single step for fast and easy infection control and cross-contamination prevention. The ergonomically designed syringe–tip–sleeve system features a four-air-core tip to provide precise and reliable delivery of air and water. Its co-polymer film sleeve slides onto the shaft of the syringe and covers the entire syringe for total infection prevention. With a no-slip texture, the sleeve is easy to grip and fits like a glove.

● A one-step time saver
● Easy infection control
● Reliable and precise delivery
● Non-slip fit

Instruction for Use

● Push the syringe tip into the retainer assembly until fully seated (no grove showing).
● Point the syringe at the floor & press the air button several times to ensure the tip is properly installed.
● Slide the sleeve down through the shaft of the syringe tip until it covers the entire syringe.

 Removal Instruction
● Press down the air button on the retainer to loosen the tip.
● Pull the tip straight out of the syringe to remove it.
● Pull up the sleeve through the shaft of the syringe.

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