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Offset Bariatric Cane, Adult, 500 lb limit

Offset Bariatric Cane, Adult, 500 lb limit

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Dynarex Offset Canes are sturdy steel mobility devices designed with a thick tubed frame to provide additional support and stability while walking. The canes’ offset handle helps increase balance and reduce hand fatigue.

Dynarex Offset Canes are constructed of durable steel with a thick tube frame for ultimate stability. The offset handle provides users with additional balance by centering their weight over the base of the cane, while simultaneously reducing hand fatigue and cramping. Tool-free push-button height adjustment allows for ease of use for a wide range of users up to 500 lb. A locking collar provides the cane with additional security and prevents accidental height adjustment. Ideal for a wide range of settings including homecare settings, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Constructed from sturdy, anodized aluminum
  • Offset handle includes wrist strap
  • Non-skid rubber tip
  • Comes in retail-friendly packaging
  • Weight capacity 500 lb.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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