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ProStat First Aid

PROSTAT FIRST AID Opti-Klens I Eyewash Fountain

PROSTAT FIRST AID Opti-Klens I Eyewash Fountain

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PROSTAT FIRST AID Opti-Klens I Eyewash Fountain

The Opti-Klens I mounts behind the faucet spout. It remains out of the way for every day faucet use, but it is always there as a permanent eye wash station when needed. There is no plumbing required, and it installs easily onto any faucet, sink or basin.

Chrome-plated, solid brass eyewash unit easily installs on any existing sink or basin faucet as a permanent eye wash fountain with unlimited water supply in an emergency, unlike portable models. In operation, unit mounts behind the spout, where it remains out of the way for every day use. In an emergency, it frees both hands to hold eyes open to the flow of water. Delivering more than twice the required water flow, it does so at a reasonable height. Delivers over .4 gallons per minute of water, qualifying as an eye wash. It will function properly with as little as 15 lbs. of water pressure. It is restricted to reduce high water pressure to a velocity low enough not to be injurious to the user. No plumbing required. Two of the most common adapters are packed with the unit. Other adapters are available from manufacturer. Meets ANSI Standard #Z358.1-1998 for an eyewash unit.

Turns Virtually Any Sink into a Permanent Eyewash Station!

Opti-Klens is the most economical method of fulfilling your eye and eye/face wash need. Our Opti-Klens units have been packaged for sale by major suppliers around the world and have been tested and proven to meet the ANSI Standard which governs the eyewash industry. All are accepted by OSHA to fulfill their requirements.
  • Mounts behind spout to not interfere with normal sink use
  • Installs easily to almost any sink—no plumbing required
  • No maintenance needed, with unlimited continuous flow
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